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Hôtel La Corne d'Abondance

6 rue de Rouen 27520 BOURGTHEROULDE
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Tourism in Normandy

Welcome to the Hotel Restaurant La Corne d'Abondance. You are in the heart of historical Normandy: that of William the Conqueror and Robert the Devil, that of the Benedictine monks and their abbeys that radiated well beyond Normandy. Give yourself a spiritual moment by visiting the Abbey of Bec Hellouin and the Abbey of Saint-Wandrille where monks still live. The magnificent ruins of the Abbey of Jumièges each year host cultural events of contemporary art of primary importance. You are also very close to the Castle of Robert the Devil, the Château Gaillard and of Champ de Bataille and its gardens and finally the castle of Harcourt with an arboretum unique in Normandy.

Spend a nice day in Rouen visiting its historic center and to see the illuminations of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Rouen.

Regional Nature Park of the meanders of the Seine, the Vernier swamp and its ornithological park
It is always an unusual spectacle to see the white bridge of a freighter going up the Seine as far as Rouen passing behind the trees, almost in silence. Go for a walk in Villequier on the banks of the Seine and visit the museum devoted to Victor Hugo who lived there for a few years. You will fall under the spell of the changing and contrasting colors that gave birth to Impressionism under the brushes of Turner, Monet and so many others. You must of course go to Giverny gardens of to understand the famous "Nymphéas"

Honfleur, Deauville, Etretat.

The floral coast with Honfleur, a fishing village turned into an artists village, Deauville, the very Parisian seaside resort, its beach walk and its American film festival; Cabourg, Villers sur mer, seaside resorts and their Belle Époque charm. But also the historic beaches of the landings of 1942 and June 1944. Cross the Seine to climb on the vertiginous cliffs of Etretat with its stunning panoramas and stop in Le Havre, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its modern and unique architectural heritage designed by Auguste Perret.

As well as an important niche of small atypical museums: wind instruments, Bohin needles, Alfred Canel, Skinned alive ....

We will be pleased to inform you.

The Village and Abbey of Bec Hellouin

Located 20 minutes from the hotel, the village of Bec Hellouin, classified one of the two most beautiful villages of France.


The Abbey of Saint-Wandrille

Saint-Wandrille Abbey is located 30 minutes from the hotel.